Break out of your comfort zone.

Transform your attitude, transfigure your body, and thank yourself for it.

"Capoeira has shown me that I am actually much more capable than what my mind tells me, and that is a very important thing to learn. Capoeira has helped me motivate myself, feel good about how far I've come along as a student...I have learned that you cannot grow as an individual unless you venture outside of your safe zone, which is why I am obsessing over this sport." -Brittney B.

Finding the inspiration to get fit and stay active is no small feat. We've all been there. We've all walked into the gym, looked around at everyone with ear buds in and failed to find any inspiration to bust out whatever reps we had planned for that day. So then we try a personal trainer session or some classes at the gym but nothing really sticks. And it doesn't feel great. And we can't figure out why. So we give it a break and a little down the line we try it all over again. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Fitness and healthy living is more than just finding the motivation to stick with our reps at the gym. It's a lifestyle and the best way to stick to that lifestyle is finding a community of people that will support and motivate you. Experts have stated finding this community of people that match that lifestyle is your best bet for success. This is what you will find at Allied Capoeira League. This is what our Capoeira culture is all about. Having fun and working hard to get better, while laughing and cheering each other on.

"My own self doubt was a barrier. I was nervous about injury or even just feeling embarrassed because I might not be able to learn at an acceptable pace...I love the sense of accomplishment at the end of classs..It's helped me to develop my fitness in new ways." -Toree

We have had our students tell us watching Capoeira for the first time can be overwhelming. You see people flipping and kicking like they are professional gymnasts. You ask yourself "How will I ever be able to do that?," "Am I too slow of a learner to even try?" or "Am I too young/old to be doing this?"


All these questions and fears are why we created our Capoeira Strong Start Program. Our 8 week program walks you through all the basics of capoeira, everything you need to succeed as a capoeirista. You will learn all the basic kicks, dodges, songs and movements at your own pace and with the encouragement of others.


Capoeira Strong Start trains you to be focused and face your mental barriers. Taking your body physically father than you thought capable will inspire and fuel you to train even harder.  Starting Capoeira will open up your mind to your new possibilities. It feels so good to be your own motivation. To see your own development and have your peers acknowledge it as well. This is what our culture is all about. Self-improvement and support for others.

"I think I actually overcame a lot of social anxiety by joining. There is never a moment when you're not a part of a group, even if it's a group of two. There are also a lot of unique people in capoeira that I wouldn't have met if I hadn't joined." - Valentona

There's always some barrier we give ourselves for starting something new. Whether it's a bad experience we had with Martial Arts as a kid, or the insecurity we felt that one time we joined a gym, we give ourselves reasons for not doing things. We tell ourselves we will try that new thing next week. It's not until we finally muster up the courage to try something that makes us a little nervous, that we find what is truly worth our while.

Shortly after starting Capoeira Strong Start you will see this is a place where you can thrive in your fitness and welcome the uniqueness of this Brazilian Martial Art.

"The first thing I love about Capoeira is how welcoming, encouraging, and motivating this sport is...this class has always made me feel accepted, worthy, and strong. After you finish a game, you can't help from thinking, "I could have done this instead," or, "wow he/she read me like a book," so it just perpetually inspires me to do better every time."

"Capoeira has also helped me stay in shape which is wonderful because I had struggled with weight loss prior to starting. The best part about it was that it never felt as tiring as going to the gym even If i was constantly breathless and aching while training. Mentally, I feel as if I'm just having a break dancing battle with my friend which is much more fun than lifting stationary weights and staring at a wall." - Brittney B.

A cut above your average Martial Art

"As a child, my parents tried to enroll me in classes like tae-kwon-do or karate, but I was a shy, sheltered child so I never felt comfortable with the idea...The idea of purposefully kicking and attacking another person or being the one who is on the receiving end terrified me. I also had some anxiety doing this type of training with people I had never met." -Brittney B.

Capoeira is a unique Martial Art because there is more to it than just kicks and dodges. There's strategy, music, song, axe' (pronounced ah-sheh which means good energy). This is not your average rigid Martial Art. Capoeira is dynamic, fluid, and truly unique.

At Allied Capoeira League you are surrounded by a group of people who support you, your efforts and your pace. We train hard and train our best, but there is no judgement for where you are. Pace or ability doesn't matter, effort does. We celebrate strong efforts, good attitudes, and supportive peers.

We cannot wait to meet you and have your own personal energy and qualities become part of our Capoeira community.


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