We are here for your child

Forget screen time and boring activities, our program offers free play and structured activities all in a supportive and safe environment! With nearly 20 years experience in education and many years in the public school system we know what students need after a long day at school.

An family-friendly environment

As owners and Directors of the program, we have the experience and compassion to give your child the best experience. Joshua, a.k.a., Mestrando Mico, worked as Director of Operations for a multi-site After School program for 500 students in the heart of San Francisco, and has extensive experience driving successful after care programs. He also helped launch health and wellness programs including Mud Boys (a running club) that students still enjoy today, almost a decade later.

Jasmine, a.k.a., Ms. Arame, has over 15 years of experience working and caring for children. She uses her theater experience to bring humor, creativity and liveliness to the academy.

With two children of our own, we know what parents want for their children's after school needs.


Capoeira, a Brazilian Martial Art

The heart of our program is centered around an inclusive Brazilian Martial Art that incorporates music, dance and acrobatics. Your child learns the discipline of Martial Arts you want, with the fun and playfulness they want.

Enrich their experience

Your child will learn Martial Arts, Bully Prevention techniques from our Take Charge program, music, dance, acrobatics, and Portuguese. In addition to this we have a specialized class every Wednesday. Classes change every 4 weeks and include: Kickboxing, Zumba, AcroYoga and Nutrition.


Pick up and Pricing

Option for pick up is available. Please call to find out which schools we are currently picking up from. 

**Prices include all school holidays, Spring Camp, and Winter Camp.**



10% off siblings 

5% for 3 months paid in full (save $44.85)!

10% for 6 months paid in full (save $179.40)!

15% for 9 months paid in full (save $426.10)!


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