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We know finding the right program for your child can be really overwhelming. You want it to be something they love and look forward to. Kids lose interest quickly and this can be discouraging for both of you. It's hard to build confidence when your child is disengaged. If your child is shy the challenge is even greater.

We took this to mind when we started our Capoeira Strong Start Program, our 8 week Intro Program. We want your child to love coming to class, to love training capoeira, and to love their capoeira peers. And you want your child to find an activity that makes them self-assured, gets them physically active, and teaches them discipline in a social setting. We provide the latter...the former is why we created our 8 week Capoeira Strong Start Program.

Capoeira Strong Start fully immerses your child in capoeira and gives them the full capoeira experience. They will learn the basic moves, the music, and rhythm of the martial art. They will learn to "play" capoeira with each other. They will see if this is where they can flourish and let their confidence soar.

Not your average Martial Art

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that incorporates dance, music, and the Portuguese language. Students will learn songs in Portuguese, will learn how to play instruments, and they will learn the martial art aspect of Capoeira.

At Allied Capoeira League Gainesville we pride ourselves on the quality of our program . We are intentional about the environment we foster, which is secure, supportive, playful and authentic. Our goal is to always be a cut above everyone else and we make sure our parents and students hold us accountable to this standard. We want our values to align with yours so we center our program around health and wellness; self-control and discipline; and helping and supporting others. We can't wait to meet you! Join our Academy TODAY!


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