Mae (Mommy) Capoeira
Returning to exercise after two kids was very hard for me. After my second baby, I dreamed about having a class where just moms worked out together. I felt embarassed in exercise classes as I tried maneuvering my new mom bod. Almost a year and a half after this thought, I am making this dream come true. Join me and other moms for an awesome workout and an incredible culture where you will feel supported, strong, and motivated. 

Childcare is provided for the demo and for all Mae (pronouned "my") Capoeira classes. Mae is the Portueguese word for Mom, hence the Mae Capoeira title. We have a demo on May 15, 2017 at 6 p.m. Please come out and join us for an awesome time!
My Fitness Journey
Peak fitness - the result of having lots of extra time to work out. Oh to be young and single. Feels like forever ago.
First pregnancy with Kayla. Gained 70 pounds. Everyone asked if I was pregnant with twins...eye roll.
Just 1 year after Kayla's birth and back down to just 7 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you breastfeeding :)
Pregnant again! I hit 200 pounds. Accurate facial expression haha.
Me now! Happy, in the midst of learning my body (again), and still plenty of strength to build! 15 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. Didn't have the help of my friend breastfeeding, so this has been a long fitness journey. Almost 18 months post-partum. Thanks to  Capoeira and an awesome support system lead by my husband, Mico.

Hi my name is Jasmine [in the Capoeira world I go by Arame (Ah-rahm-ee)]. I have always been an active person and never imagined what would happen to my body and self-esteem after two pregnancies. It's been an emotional journey that cotinues to challenge me in new ways. Just when I think my time or limits can't be pushed anymore, they are. Currently I stay at home with my two girls and manage the household, run all the marketing and part of the admin of our business, teach Capoeira classes, and train Capoeira for myeslf. Oh, and I also work in Netflix and wine with my hubby a few nights a week. I am not listing this for you to be impressed. Because I know you manage just about if not more in your life. Motherhood is like getting a PhD in multi-tasking. I see how we women put ourselves and our bodies last a lot of the times as I have done. And making that jump to start back exercising was really daunting for me. For those who have read my Facebook post, feel free to skip this part. For those who haven't here is my Capoeira Mommy story and my vision for this class:

The struggle for Moms to return to fitness is real. It's not just about finding the time in the day to commit to a work out. There is so much more struggle that goes into it. The emotional hurdles, the fear of judgement (mostly from ourselves) from those around us, the let down of not being able to remain consistent because Mom duties take precedent. The list is long. Facing the fact our bodies are now different because we embarked on a life-making journey that literally moved our organs, caused us to gain more weight than we ever imagined, and never mind the guilt we feel for putting ourselves first to work out is a challenge most women don't want to face. When I came back to Capoeira after having my second baby I couldn't even wear my Capoeira pants to class. They didn't fit. I couldn't get them past my thighs. I could barely even do the basic movement without wobbling off balance. I felt embarrassed and really sad. After my first 3 Capoeira classes (spread over a month and a half because baby had to come first) I cried after. I told my husband who is a Mestrando in Capoeira "If it wasn't for the fact we had our own Capoeira school, I probably would  never return to Capoeira or at least not for a very long time. This is too humiliating."


I am thankful I had the pressure of having our own Capoeira business to get back in class. It was hard, but it inspired me to make a better experience for moms. I think the best way to meet all this fear, barriers, and humiliation is to train with other moms. Train hard, but in an environment of support, non-judgement, and a hell of a lot of fun. This is my vision for Mae Capoeira. I gained 70 pounds with each of my pregnancies. A year and a half later I still have 15 pounds of baby weight to lose. And I want to do it with you. With other moms who are ready to get started on their journey back to strength and empowerment. Join me on this journey. Let's have fun and let's bust down these dang hurdles that are keeping us from what we really want. Let's rock this Mommas! 

So that's me. Now I want to hear from you.


The Mae Capoeira demo is on May 15, 2017 at 6 p.m. at 2020 NW 6th Street Gainesville, FL 32609.

I would love to have you in class :)

1223 NW 101st Drive, Gainesville, FL 32606 E-mail: Tel: 352-219-6106

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