How to Keep Your Kid Energized During Class

June 20, 2016


It's Summer. It's HOT. It's sometimes busy, sometimes not. There are a lot of activities to get to, vacations to be had, and schedules to be disrupted. Kids are high-energy, but as you know, they can burn out pretty quickly if spread too thin. We see this a lot in Capoeira class and even see it with our own toddler, Kayla, who isn't even old enough to start Capoeira ...yet. So here are some tips to keep your child energized during class so you can avoid mid-class meltdowns or even worse, on-the-way-home meltdowns (whining and crying in the car is the worst!).


1. Snacks
Pack snacks! Bananas, granola bars, trail mix, apples, carrots. This is a lesson we have learned the hard way too many times. Kids get hungry and it often manifests itself in ways that don't make any sense to us. Instead of telling us "I'm hungry," they ignore what we say, talk back, cry, or whine. Packing snacks and feeding your child before class will help sustain their energy.

2. Avoid Fast Food and Sugary Snacks Before Class
Sugar crashes are not fun especially when a kid is trying to focus and move their body in new ways (article on great fast food alternatives coming soon!). Fast food is really heavy and may cause children to feel sluggish. However, life with kids is a life on the run, so try healthy snacks or even some pre-made wraps, sandwiches, or roast chicken from the grocery store instead.

3. Agua de beber (Water!)
Water is the best energy drink. With zero calories, water gives so much energy, is super healthy, and is way cheaper than any other sports drink. Keeping an eye on hydration is especially important during the summer since kids tend to spend more time outside in the hot sun. Kids might tell you they are not thirsty, but encouraging them to drink a few sips of water on the way to class really helps start them off on the right foot.

So there you go, three simple steps to avoid those dreaded meltdowns!



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