3 Ways to Get Awesome at Capoeira (or Anything!) for Kids AND Adults!

July 5, 2016




Here are three tips on how to get good at Capoeira (or anything!).  They aren't secret or revolutionary.  The crazy thing is that even though they stare you right in your face and just about everyone knows these things, time and again, I see people not doing them.  Use these three simple tips to help keep you focused and progressing

1) Practice, practice, practice - They say it takes 40,000 hours of doing something to become a true expert. You have to put in the hours if you expect to have real results.  Practice between classes when you can.  The great thing about Capoeira is that there is always something to work on to keep your interest up; moves, music, history, language, tricks, etc.

2) Stay positive - Michael Jordan says that he never said anything bad about himself to himself when he made mistakes.  Avoid telling yourself "I stink", or "I'm not good".  Capoeira is about having fun.  Enjoy the journey.  There is always someone better, and worse, than you no matter what.  Take joy in your accomplishments and use your short-comings as a to do list to improve.

3) Practice with a friend - Sometimes it's easier to push someone else than it is to push ourselves. Having a friend in class to push you makes for the best kind of snowball effect.  You'll both increase your rate of improvement. Find someone similar to your level so you can really dig in and go for it.




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