Capoeira Cultural Camp

Brazilian Martial Arts,  Dance, Language, and Acrobatics

Immerse your child in Brazil's rich culture through a week of Brazilian Martial Arts, Music, Language, and its other unique aspects. 


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Join us this summer!

Martial Arts

We believe summer camp is a time for kids to have fun while learning new things. Our camp has the variety of fun kids want, with the flexibility you want. You can pick the weeks that work for you and even choose full, or half day, early drop-off, or late pick-up.  


Students will learn and train in the art of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art that incorporates music, dance, and acrobatics. Students will learn the basic movements of Capoeira. Students that register for two weeks of camp will be eligible to receive their first belt.

Language Acquisition 
Quality Staff

We believe in having the highest quality staff because we want the best care for our students. We don't pay teenagers minimum wage to babysit your kids.  All of our staff have multiple years of experience working with children and have been trained by us in professional and child development. The director of the program, Mestrando Mico (Joshua Broadhead) has worked extensively in the public school system and after- school programs. Before moving to Gainesville, Mestrando Mico ran a highly successful multi-site after school program for 500 students in the heart of San Francisco.


Our program is not only a lot of fun, but also augments your child's education. In our classes your child will be exposed to Portuguese, but not by receiving vocabulary to memorize. Through immersive play your child will learn language acquisition skills that can be applied to any language. 

Bully Prevention

Your child will learn Bully Prevention techniques from our Take Charge program every day. Take Charge is based on the Bully Proof curriculum developed by the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family. It takes the approach of “fighting fire with water”. All techniques are presented as fun and engaging games to students (i.e. tackling giants, stopping bank robbers). While your child plays, they learn critical skills like control and assertiveness. The curriculum teaches the physical techniques that will give your child the confidence to avoid bullies in the first place in a non-violent way. We add to that 2 decades of experience in Martial Arts and the public schools that will ensure your child gets what they need to stay safe.

Acrobatics & Dance

The main movement in Capoeira is called ginga or swing, which is a dance-like motion. Having to "play" capoeira in rhythm with the music develops children's coordination skills than can be applied to to other activities.

Your child will learn really cool acrobatic moves in a safe and controlled environment. 

Field Trips

Weekly field trips allow for a change of environment for students. We focus on local businesses and landmarks to support the local Gainesville community. 

The music in Capoeira is what makes it truly unique. Your child will learn songs, rhythms, and how to play fun Brazilian percussion instruments. Studies show that children who learn music activate the attention system of the brain which has overall gains in other academic areas. It can also improve phonological awareness which studies have shown improves reading skills. 

Schedule and Pricing

Early Bird Pricing $189/week Regular price is $225/week

9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

Sibling and multiple session discounts are available!

Early Bird Price ends Friday, March 27th, 2020

We break down the individual elements of Capoeira in to 50 minute classes with a10 minute break to allow for smooth transitions. Below is a sample schedule of what a day might look like:


8-9 am early drop off, free play/games

9am-9:50 Capoeira Fundamentals

9:50-10 Break

10-10:50 Take Charge Games (Bully Prevention) OR Field Trip

10:50-11 Break

11-11:30 Lunch

11:30-12:00 Free play/games

12-12:50 - Maculele (Brazilian dance)

12:50-1 - Break

1-1:50 - Music and instrument making

1:5045-2 Snack

2-2:50 - Acrobatics/Tumbling

2:50-3 - Break

3-3:50 - Language Immersion

3:45-4 - Break

4-4:45 - Capoeira Fundamentals/Roda

4:45-5 Break, prepare for pick up

5-6pm - Late pick up, free play/games


There is definitely a benefit for kids that do multiple sessions. The format will remain the same throughout the summer but the particular movements will vary session to session. Also, for movements that are repeated, the repetition will improve their Capoeira skills greatly.  Each session is independent so kids can do 1 week, the whole summer, or mix up sessions throughout.

Questions? We would love to answer them! Please call or text us whenever at
352-219-6106 to talk to one of the Directors of our program!

1223 NW 101st Drive, Gainesville, FL 32606 E-mail: Tel: 352-219-6106

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