With nearly 20 years of Capoeira experience Mestrando Mico brings a lot of energy, fun and professionalism to his classes.  To read more about his Capoeira journey click here.


Professor Gaviao began training Capoeira in 1997 in Gainesville, Florida while studying psychology at the University of Florida. He was looking to get serious about training a Martial Art and knew in his bones it had to be capoeira. In his words: "There's just no other Martial Art that moves the way capoeira does."

In January 2000 he returned to Gainesville to attend graduate school. There were no Capoeira teachers in Gainesville at that time, so he lead a Capoeira club to continue training. Later that year he joined Grupo Capoeira Brasil to train under Instructor Aladin, who had relocated to Gainesville for the sole purpose of instructing the local group. He graduated from his University studies in 2003, earning a Masters in Education and a specialist degree in mental health counseling. He had also completed a year of doctoral studies in the program and was essentially ABD.

In 2005 he was graduated to "instructor" and received his blue cord during his second trip to Brazil. He then continued teaching Capoeira in Gainesville from 2005 through 2008. 

In early 2014 he reunited with a longtime friend, Professor Mico, and requested to join Allied Capoeira League under Mestrando Aranha in order to continue training and resume teaching Capoeira. In mid 2016 he was awarded his purple cord and promoted to the title of "professor" by Mestrando Aranha. 

"I've had many experiences and travels over my 19 or so years in capoeira, some good and some bad. So I'm proud to say that I'm a part of Allied Capoeira League. We are providing a Capoeira experience the way it should be; a lot of fun but also highly professional, and always for the benefit of the students."

Graduada Arame

Never imagining Capoeira would take over her life, Arame trained Capoeira in Miami for a year, then left to pursue a theater career in 2007. Seven years later she reconnected with her Capoeira teacher on a business trip in San Francisco and the rest was history. Mestrando Mico and Arame have been married 6 years and work side by side on Allied Capoeira League Gainesville. Arame teaches kids and adults classes and helps manage the business. She is mom to two awesome daughters and loves the Capoeira mom life. Follow her on Instagram @capoeiramomma for more on her fun life!


Fazendeiro grew up in Brazil and always admired Capoeira, oddly enough he was only able to actually try it once he was in the US. He started training in 2008 in Framingham, Massachusetts under the guidance of Contra-mestre Ze Com Fome of Artes das Gerais. In college at Umass Amherst he established the Umass Capoeira Club, while also training with Instrutor Marola of Omulu Capoeira. After college he went on a little hiatus, which ended up lasting 6 years after an ankle injury in Italy while he was backpacking through Europe. Now living in Gainesville, and finally feeling ready to come back to his loved martial art in full force, he chose Allied Capoeira League as his academy.

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